Driftwood Creations

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All of these creations are made from driftwood collected from various places across the U.S.  I have found wood on the the New Jersey shore, deserts and plains of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, dry lake beds in the Ozarks, swamp and inlets of the Florida coast, and especially in the Florida Keys. Pieces are selected for character, durability, and strength. , 

Searching for driftwood can be fun and challenging at the same time. I've had encounters with carpenter and fire ants, scorpions, ticks, iguanas, alligators, crocodiles, snakes, spiders, raccoons,  and of course, the swarms of mosquitoes that areas in Florida are famous for. I've carried wood for a mile, up slopes, and through the water , even dodging lightening bolts occasionally. It's still fun to me and everyday is a new treasure hunt.

One of the uses that I especially like to use the wood for is mounting orchids and other tropical plants. I enjoy my orchids more when mounted for several reasons. Of course  esthetically, the beauty of the orchid is enhanced, but on a practical side, there's no need to repot or change the medium and the chore of weeding is almost non existent. It let's them be appreciated in a more natural presentation, comparable to the way they grow in nature. 





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